Monday, 10 September 2012

Some personal drawings I did from Septembers Vogue magazine while i've been bored.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Character 7

Based on Molly Crabapples style and my favourite character. 

Character 6

In the style of Swedish fashion illustrator Cassandra Rhodin.

Character 5

This is based on fashion illustrator Laura Laine, who's work I love.

Character 4

My purple monster in the style of Mike Mignola.

Character 3

The Squid Pirate 

In the style of children's book illustrator David Roberts.

Character 2

Based on Brett Helquist's style.
 Done with acrylic washes and then refining and finishing with oils.

Start of Summer Project

Character 1

 In the style of Jim Flora 

The Strange Feathery Beast


Dip pen illustrations for the folk tale 'The Strange Feathery Beast'. Loved this project, my favourite is the 4th one down.

Numbers = Fun

Paper cut-out